Christmas Knitting

I started making Christmas gifts in September this year, thinking I’d be finished everything early. Well, I am not. I then thought I would knit a special stocking for my youngest, since he doesn’t have one like his big brothers do. (Not for lack of trying! The lady who made them doesn’t do the craft show she used to do.) Since I was doing that, I decided to see if anyone wanted them too. They did. Which is awesome! But…yeah. I’m going to be busy for the next little bit, lol. I love Christmas knitting projects though, they’re so timeless and fun. Although I suspect I will love it even more when my SuperbaKnit is up and running and I don’t have to duplicate stitch on the names, or punch 700 holes in a punch card.

<<Time lapse>>

Well. It’s after Christmas now. I made many gifts. I had plans to make others, but I didn’t. I made 5 stockings, for other people and my own kiddo. They look like this:

I had done two on my punch card machine before my SuperbaKnit package arrived. The two above were knit using my laptop connected to SuperbaKnit, with the same design as I had used for the punch card. It was so much easier! Those names are knit right in!

I made a naughty reindeer sweater for my husband for a Christmas party:

I made gifts, like these AtAt mitts (these were done on the 360):

I made an ugly sweater for my son’s ugly sweater day:

The fit on that one isn’t great, but it’s ok, it’s supposed to be ugly.

I also made a lace scarf, a punch tuck rib scarf, some other pairs of mittens, and coordinating sweaters/vests for all my kids prior to receiving SuperbaKnit.

So yeah, Christmas knitting went well. But I’m ready to get back to doing other things. Whew!

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