Lace Knitting

Look at me with the multiple posts in a week. 😉 Well since I was already in the groove of making a video for garter stitch, I thought I’d add another video on knitting lace on your Superba machine.

The process of knitting lace is really quite simple, it’s just a matter of getting to know your machine, and your transfer carriage, so it will play along.

Firstly, you really don’t want to attempt this for the first time without the instruction manual for the GLTC (garter lace transfer carriage). There’s a lot of checking and re-checking things as you go. I don’t have a hard copy of it, but the copy that is available here is the one that has the most useful set of instructions. The main points to remember when knitting lace are:

  • Again, check your needles, as bent latches will cause trouble
  • The knitting is always hanging on the FRONT bed, selected stitches only will knit on the back bed
  • You need the GLTC (not the regular transfer carriage) and a working patterning control mechanism (ie/ peg board pressure pad, light box, or SuperbaKnit)
  • When you are knitting, your front carriage is always knitting, with the V key selected, in your regular stitch size for that yarn, and the back carriage is always set to “slip” with the O key selected, and a stitch size of 1.
For this simple style of lace, that’s really the most important points. Follow the video to knit a lovely diamond pattern, #412 from the System 9000, on your Superba knitting machine with SuperbaKnit. Unfortunately I don’t have a light scanning or pressure pad model to show you how to use those inputs, but the knitting will be the same regardless of input method!

Happy knitting! I LOVE LACE!

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