More Lace Knitting on the Superba

I’m back at it again, this time showing you how to knit a different lace pattern. Instead of knitting two rows and then transferring stitches back to the front bed, this style tucks three rows on the back bed, then knits through the loops, before transferring back to the front bed. The result is a different looking lace, with larger holes:

The lace pattern I’m showing you how to knit in my latest video

I think it’s quite beautiful, and it’s so simple to knit. All you need is your machine, the GLTC, and the instruction book for the GLTC, which can be found here if you don’t have a hard copy.

You can apply the same instructions to a multitude of stitch patterns – anything that will work in tuck stitch will work for this as well – so you can imagine how many different lace patterns you can come up with. I don’t see why you couldn’t combine lace knitting methods as well – a section with a similar style to what I knit in my last video, a section with this kind of lace … as long as you’re correctly setting your carriage, and have drawn a stitch pattern to your liking, the sky is the limit. And as an added bonus, I have shown you how to draw your own patterns for use with SuperbaKnit in this video as well, using the free Win_Crea software. So let’s get started!

Thanks for watching, and I would love to see your knitted pieces.

Happy knitting!

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