Reversible Jacquard

How to Knit Reversible Jacquard

I figured it was high time I posted another video, and since this topic is what got me interested in the Superba knitting machines in the first place, I thought we should take a look at exactly how to knit reversible jacquard.

First of all – it’s easy! If you can knit fair isle, you can knit this. There’s no need for a colour changer or a jacquard claw, or any colour switching. All you need is two thin (very thin, I suggest lace weight, 2/14 or thinner) yarns, the second yarn guide, and your patterning input device such as SuperbaKnit, and you can be knitting something that looks like this:

Reversible double bed jacquard looks almost the same on the front and back.

Except yours will look better, because I was having mispatterning problems when I made that.

In the interest of brevity, I have condensed the process down into a PDF document that you can download and refer to by clicking here. I have also made a handy video on the subject, which you can watch here:

I hope you find these instructions helpful. If you have any questions about the process, I’d love to here from you in the comments, either here or on YouTube. Also, don’t forget to join the Ravelry and Facebook groups for Superba machines. There are so many inspiring, helpful folks in there, with a wealth of knowledge about these machines.

Happy knitting!


  • Eva Fitzgerald

    Hi Heather! I don’t use Superba knit (yet) but was wondering what I could do to the main bed needles to select my own manual pattern and have the second yarn guide do its thing?
    Much appreciated!!

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