Adjusting Sensors and Cursor Timing if SuperbaKnit is Mispatterning

Hello again everyone! I didn’t get much knitting done over the summer (funny how I don’t want to be locked away in a basement making winter clothes when the sun is shining, birds singing, etc.) but some of you may know from my Instagram that our basement overhaul was finally completed, and I moved my beloved Superba knitting machine back downstairs.

Because I wasn’t using it very much, and hadn’t tried to knit fair isle at all, I didn’t realize that I was having a problem with SuperbaKnit mispatterning, until a month or two later when I went to knit a couple of hats. I took the first one off the machine, and to my frustration, the pattern had a whole bunch of errors. For a stitch here and there, I’d just fix it with duplicate stitch, but there were tons of mistakes, so I had to rip it out. It was all the more frustrating because I had had a similar problem in the spring, and had to readjust my SuperbaKnit sensors and adjust the cursor timing. But when I thought back on it, that had been just after I temporarily moved the machine upstairs. My conclusion from this is that SuperbaKnit is not keen on being moved around too much. If you are planning on moving your machine around or relocating it, I suggest you plan to test and possibly readjust your sensors after doing so.

It isn’t a particularly difficult fix – it’s the same as what you would have done when installing the board in the end of your machine when you first got SuperbaKnit, and it has resolved my mispatterning issues both times. I can’t say definitively that mispatterning is ALWAYS caused by sensors being out of alignment, of course, there are other things that can go wrong I’m sure, but if your patterns were humming along nicely at one point, and now aren’t, this is a good place to start.

I made a video demonstrating the process, and I hope it helps anyone out there having a similar issue. You can view it on my YouTube channel, or below:

By the way, if anyone has any tips and tricks about how to prevent knocking sensors out of alignment when you move your machine, that would be most welcome! I don’t plan on moving it again any time soon now that I’ve got a mega-awesome sewing and knitting room, but you never know.

Happy knitting!

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