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    The Superba Forma

    This green beauty is the Superba Forma. If you are not familiar with it, it is Superba’s version of a knitleader or knit radar, that is, a device that allows you to knit from a drawing of a garment instead of from written instructions. This particular unit is new to me, and I was THRILLED to find someone who had one for sale. I know there are computer programs that do this kind of thing, but I enjoy the simplicity of putting a piece of paper in the unit, setting it up, and knitting along. I had a knit radar on my Singer 360 (they are built into the machine),…

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    “RetroBrite”: Lightening up Old, Yellowed Plastics

    If you follow me on Instagram (and you should!) you will have seen these photos already, but I thought I’d throw a post together with some more details. My basement knitting/sewing room has been recently renovated, and I am finally getting all my things back out that have been packed away for almost a year, including my Singer SK155 bulky/chunky machine and ribber combo. I bought that machine for a song, and it knits perfectly, but it was extremely yellowed from being exposed to sunlight. (This is normal, and due to a chemical added to these old plastics to enhance fire retardant abilities.) It doesn’t affect anything knitting-wise, but cosmetically…

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    More Lace Knitting on the Superba

    I’m back at it again, this time showing you how to knit a different lace pattern. Instead of knitting two rows and then transferring stitches back to the front bed, this style tucks three rows on the back bed, then knits through the loops, before transferring back to the front bed. The result is a different looking lace, with larger holes: I think it’s quite beautiful, and it’s so simple to knit. All you need is your machine, the GLTC, and the instruction book for the GLTC, which can be found here if you don’t have a hard copy. You can apply the same instructions to a multitude of stitch…

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    Lace Knitting

    Look at me with the multiple posts in a week. 😉 Well since I was already in the groove of making a video for garter stitch, I thought I’d add another video on knitting lace on your Superba machine. The process of knitting lace is really quite simple, it’s just a matter of getting to know your machine, and your transfer carriage, so it will play along. Firstly, you really don’t want to attempt this for the first time without the instruction manual for the GLTC (garter lace transfer carriage). There’s a lot of checking and re-checking things as you go. I don’t have a hard copy of it, but…

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    Garter Stitch

    If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been working with the GLTC (garter lace transfer carriage) for a few weeks now, trying out various garter and lace patterns on the Superba. I’m happy to say that after some failures last year, I have now gotten it worked out, at least to a point where I feel comfortable that I can make it do what I want it to. The Garter Lace Transfer Carriage (GLTC) for Superba/Singer/White/Phildar double bed knitting machines I will post a longer, more detailed post about lace and various fancy garter stitches at some point, but today I will solely focus on…

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    Kris Jenner Sweater

    I said some time ago I was going to put a reversible Kris Jenner image onto a sweater, and I finally got around to doing that in December. Sort of. I used a different image, and a different method of knitting, but it’s still mama Kris. The finished Kris Jenner sweater! Of course, when we’re talking of clothing, there are issues to consider besides, “Can I make this image look good,” such as, “Will this fabric be as stiff as cardboard,” etc.. I didn’t really like the feel of that particular yarn/knitting combo for a sweater, it was kinda stiffer than I would personally want to wear. This lead me…

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    Double Bed Jacquard, Superba Style

    As I mentioned in my very first post on this blog, reversible jacquard is the holy grail of jacquard knitting for a lot of machine knitters. And for good reason! If you are making, say, a blanket or a scarf, what could be more perfect than a fabric that, 1) doesn’t roll up like stockinette, 2) looks good on both sides, and 3) has the SAME DESIGN on both sides? Nothing, really. Oh, and of course, no floats. There are certainly some lovely jacquard methods that can be knit on almost any machine. My SK360 does a fine job, but your only option is stripes on the back: Here’s some…

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    Bulky Gauge Toddler and Child Hood Pattern

    I’m going to post this here, because Ravelry is giving me a hard time. It’s a basic hood/balaclava pattern for the bulky gauge machine (with ribber) that will fit from toddlers to older children. The finished item looks like this: It’s super simple to do, and would be easy to convert to standard gauge also. (I haven’t done that math, because you need your gauge swatch. I know you weren’t going to skip the gauge swatch, were you? Haha.) It’s a PDF pattern, which you can download here: Bulky Gauge Toddler and Child Hood Pattern Happy knitting! Heather

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    Christmas Knitting

    I started making Christmas gifts in September this year, thinking I’d be finished everything early. Well, I am not. I then thought I would knit a special stocking for my youngest, since he doesn’t have one like his big brothers do. (Not for lack of trying! The lady who made them doesn’t do the craft show she used to do.) Since I was doing that, I decided to see if anyone wanted them too. They did. Which is awesome! But…yeah. I’m going to be busy for the next little bit, lol. I love Christmas knitting projects though, they’re so timeless and fun. Although I suspect I will love it even…

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    SuperbaKnit, my White 1602, and Old Electronics

    My most recent obsession became, like so many machine knitters, reversible double bed jacquard. I loved it. I needed it. I had to produce it. DBJ on my Singer 360 is nice, but stripes on the back are just…not as nice as reversible. I learned that maybe a Passap could do it, but I can’t afford a Passap at the moment, and I think I would need to learn another language to understand them. I somehow stumbled across the information that a Superba double bed machine could also do reversible jacquard, and having never heard of Superba before, set out to read everything I could about them like an insane…