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    Superba Forma/Pattern Driver Sheets

    If you have looked around the internet for pattern driver sheets to fit the Superba forma/pattern driver device, you may have noticed there aren’t too many to be found. I have a set that I found on eBay, but because they’re vintage, the women’s sizes are pretty small for a gal of 2022 proportions. You can find the blank gridded sheets occasionally, so you can draw your own patterns, but I didn’t want to pay money for shipping what are essentially blank sheets of graph paper. The patterns, by the way, are 1/2 scale, and drawn with measurements in centimeters, although they list the kids’ sizes by height measurement rather…

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    Three Colour, Single Row Height DBJ on the Brother and Superba – Part 2

    Well if you read Part 1, you will know that I had found a method for knitting single row height double-bed jacquard, on the Superba, via a couple of different methods, but not the “offset” method that would, a) keep all the colour changes on the same side of the bed, ultimately allowing for, b) use of a colour changer. Now I must take you back to a conversation I had via email with the makers of Superbaknit back in 2018. At that time, I had been using the “Skip stitch” function to knit DBJ, and noticed that it was limited to three colours. I wanted to use four with…

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    Three Colour, Single Row Height DBJ on the Brother and Superba – Part 1

    Recently I started exploring double-bed jacquard (DBJ) on the Brother 940 in more detail. I had only played with it a couple of times to knit a couple of the two-colour patterns from Stitchworld, as a test when I first got the machine. Recently while flipping through Stitchworld, I noticed a couple of beautiful three-colour patterns that are in there, and thought I would give them a try. Unfortunately there isn’t much information in the manual about how to knit in three colours, but I assumed I could figure it out – not much different than two colours after all – so I tried to knit #390 and was unsuccessful.…

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    Mini Santa Hat Knitting Pattern for the Superba with GLTC

    Hello! It’s been a hot minute since I posted here, but I have a new pattern for you today, just in time for the holiday season. This pattern is for mini Santa hats, in two sizes, knit circular on the Superba double bed machine. It has garter stitch trim, so you’ll want the GLTC or regular transfer carriage to make it easier. Download the free PDF from here or my Ravelry store, (Username: HeatherMakesStuff) and give them a whirl! Cheers! Heather

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    Adjusting Sensors and Cursor Timing if SuperbaKnit is Mispatterning

    Hello again everyone! I didn’t get much knitting done over the summer (funny how I don’t want to be locked away in a basement making winter clothes when the sun is shining, birds singing, etc.) but some of you may know from my Instagram that our basement overhaul was finally completed, and I moved my beloved Superba knitting machine back downstairs. Because I wasn’t using it very much, and hadn’t tried to knit fair isle at all, I didn’t realize that I was having a problem with SuperbaKnit mispatterning, until a month or two later when I went to knit a couple of hats. I took the first one off…

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    Knitting with the Superba Forma

    If you saw my last post, about installing the Forma, this post is probably not coming as a shock to you 😉 This video is a bit longer than my others have been, and I swear it’s cursed, because it took me about ten tries to film each chunk. However, I think it covers most of what you need to know to start knitting using your Superba Forma. I will upload another video if I ever finish the garment – maybe I’ll cover how to knit the front and back, because I STILL can’t figure out how you’re meant to do it. As always with new equipment, the best place…

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    The Superba Forma

    This green beauty is the Superba Forma. If you are not familiar with it, it is Superba’s version of a knitleader or knit radar, that is, a device that allows you to knit from a drawing of a garment instead of from written instructions. This particular unit is new to me, and I was THRILLED to find someone who had one for sale. I know there are computer programs that do this kind of thing, but I enjoy the simplicity of putting a piece of paper in the unit, setting it up, and knitting along. I had a knit radar on my Singer 360 (they are built into the machine),…

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    More Lace Knitting on the Superba

    I’m back at it again, this time showing you how to knit a different lace pattern. Instead of knitting two rows and then transferring stitches back to the front bed, this style tucks three rows on the back bed, then knits through the loops, before transferring back to the front bed. The result is a different looking lace, with larger holes: I think it’s quite beautiful, and it’s so simple to knit. All you need is your machine, the GLTC, and the instruction book for the GLTC, which can be found here if you don’t have a hard copy. You can apply the same instructions to a multitude of stitch…

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    Lace Knitting

    Look at me with the multiple posts in a week. 😉 Well since I was already in the groove of making a video for garter stitch, I thought I’d add another video on knitting lace on your Superba machine. The process of knitting lace is really quite simple, it’s just a matter of getting to know your machine, and your transfer carriage, so it will play along. Firstly, you really don’t want to attempt this for the first time without the instruction manual for the GLTC (garter lace transfer carriage). There’s a lot of checking and re-checking things as you go. I don’t have a hard copy of it, but…